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Transitional Kinder

For the current school year, transitional kindergarten is for students who will have their fifth birthday between September 2 and February 2 inclusive.

Going forward starting with the 2023-24 school year students will need to have their fifth birthday between September 2, 2023 - September 1, 2024.

  • If my child is of kindergarten age, can I enroll instead in Transitional Kindergarten? If you are interested in requesting TK for your Kindergarten-age child, please visit the office for a Request for TK form.
  • If my child is of Transitional Kindergarten age, can I request kindergarten placement instead? No. Transitional Kindergarten age requirements are state law and no exceptions are made.
  • My resident school does not offer Transitional Kindergarten. Can my child attend Pomelo Community Charter? All LAUSD schools are required to offer Transitional Kindergarten.