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Ivy Thorne (Magnet Coordinator)


Lucy Sanchez (Admin Assistant)


Lon Berger (Community Rep.)

Lottery Results

Selection Letter

Beginning approximately March 2023, Unified Enrollment will start sending letters and updating online accounts regarding whether your child has been 'Selected' or 'Waitlisted' for the schools you have applied. Next, you will need to either Accept or Decline the schools for which you have been 'Selected'.

Be aware, once you accept one of your 'Selected' schools, all other 'Selected' schools will be declined. This decision does not affect any of the schools you have been 'Waitlisted' for.

Accepted Students

For selected lottery candidates, you will receive an email or letter notifying you that your child has been accepted to Pomelo starting March 2023. Your first step will need to be to accept or decline your child's spot on the Unified Enrollment website.

Please click on the button below to complete that step.

You must make your selection online by April 2023. If you do not accept by then, the system will automatically decline your child from our school. This decision/choice does not affect your 'Waitlist' Schools.

Waitlist Students

If you have been placed on our waitlist then we will call you if a spot becomes available in the waitlist order. The waitlist will be posted here once available (typically the week after the Lottery draw). This process starts in May and continues through the first few weeks of school beginning, depending on if and/or when a spot becomes available.

If you are offered, and accept, a spot at Pomelo, you will be unselected from any previous school you have accepted. This decision is final and you may not be able to reapply to the previous school.