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Lottery Information

2022 - 2023 School yeaR

Resident Boundary Students

Enrollment will start with prospective students who reside within the attendance boundaries of Pomelo Community Charter ("resident students"). They shall have first admission preference and thus are deemed exempt from the lottery. Parents or guardians will need to enroll students, in person, at the school.


Lottery Applications for Non Resident Students

If you do not live within Pomelo Community Charter's resident area but would like to apply for our Charter Lottery, please see the information below:

As an Affiliated Charter, Pomelo Community Charter follows LAUSD's Unified Enrollment process and deadlines for Non-resident applicants. If there is more interest than the number of spaces available, a random public lottery will be conducted for non-resident boundry students as described below.

Pomelo Community Charter’s non-resident lottery applications will be made available each year through the On-Time LAUSD Unified Enrollment process (Choices Brochure & Application and GoTo.Lausd.Net). The six-week On-Time application window spans the first week in October through the second week in November.


Lottery Preferences and Procedures

In conducting its admission lottery, Pomelo Community Charter shall provide the following preferences, in the stated order of priority:

LAUSD Students:

  • Siblings - Prospective students who (a) are siblings of students enrolled in grades TK-4 at Pomelo Community Charter at the time of the lottery and (b) reside within LAUSD boundaries, but not within the attendance boundaries of Pomelo Community Charter, shall have second admission preference.
  • Other LAUSD Students - All other prospective students who reside within LAUSD boundaries, but not within the boundaries of Pomelo Community Charter, shall have third admission preference.

California Students

  • Siblings - Prospective students who (a) are siblings of students enrolled in grades TK-4 at Pomelo Community Charter at the time of the lottery and (b) reside in the state of California but not within LAUSD boundaries, shall have fourth admission preference.

Students who participate in the lottery but are not selected for admission during the lottery shall be placed on a waitlist in the same priority as above. As seats become available, Pomelo Community Charter shall fill the seats from the waitlist. this waitlist shall be effective until the end of the programmatic year to which it pertains.

During the month of February, after receiving the list of interested applicants from Unified Enrollment, Pomelo Community Charter will conduct its public random drawing (lottery) for non-resident boundary students only, if applicable.

Pomelo Community Charter Elementary will hold its lottery via Zoom, on Friday, February 18, 2022 at 10:00am. Any interested party or member of the public may view the drawing by joining the Zoom session at Attendance is not required to participate in the lottery.

Parents of applicants being offered admission through the lottery will be notified in writing by email or mail, depending on the method of application submission within one month following the lottery, and will be provided three weeks to accept the offered seat.

Parents of student applicants who are placed on the waitlist resulting from the lottery may call or visit the school to find out their child’s priority number on the waitlist. Parents of student applicants on the waitlist who are offered admission at any time subsequent to the lottery will receive notification by telephone call and will have to contact the parent/guardian a minimum of three times to accept the offered seat.

Non-resident boundary students who apply for admission after the On-Time application window will be added to the bottom of the waitlist in the order in which their applications are received. Choices Late Applications are processed on a first come, first-served basis beginning February 1, 2022 through norm day of the following school year.  Pomelo Community Charter will contact waitlisted and late applicants.

Future School years

The Lottery will be administered each year through the Unified Enrollment website and you need to apply there. For each school year, the Lottery process begins the preceding October (for example, for the 2022-2023 school year, the Lottery application window opened on October 1, 2021). While the exact dates will be determined each year,  they should start approximately October 1 and run through the first week of November. Please contact the school if you have any questions.