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Attending Pomelo's Arts & Sciences Magnet

Congratulations to all students who were offered a seat and accepted!  We are excited about the upcoming educational adventure, and so proud that you will be a part of our first year.

To those applicants who were not offered a seat, thank you for applying.  Your name is now on our wait list, in a randomly selected order.  If a spot opens up, we offer that spot to the next person in line.  So, definitely -- stay tuned!  

Time to enroll is here!  Please download the "ENROLLMENT PACKET," and email Ms. Greenberg at when you are ready to drop it off.  Special arrangements will be made to help you, if need be, and to receive your documents.

Our new magnet is part of LA Unified's voluntary integration program, which provides rigorous, high-quality, theme-based instruction to facilitate student learning and promote achievement.  

Students who are in grades 1-5 and live within the LA Unified boundary are eligible to apply for the Pomelo Arts & Sciences Magnet.  While we welcome all Gifted and Highly Gifted students we are not a Gifted and Highly Gifted Magnet.

The student selection process for magnet programs is based on the Magnet Priority Point System and the Court-Ordered reduction of the Harms of Racial Isolation. Once an application is submitted, the information is verified by the District’s Information Technology Division (ITD) and students are assigned points based on 5 criteria. The sum of these points is utilized in the fair and computerized selection process.

To learn more about the point system, visit Unified Enrollment here.

To attend the Pomelo Arts & Sciences Magnet, please visit the       Unified Enrollment website and fill out an application today.