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The Magnet Academic Program

The Pomelo Arts & Sciences Magnet curriculum will require critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication about what the arts and sciences are, and how they enrich the lives of people through innovations in culture, esthetics, and technology. Problem-based learning opportunities will enable students to identify opportunities, problems, and solutions related to art and science in everyday life. Educating our students through these lenses will give them the skills needed to interact and contribute to their communities with open-mindedness, creativity, and pride. They will understand that young people are not just consumers of art and science, but authentic contributors to both of these disciplines. 

Our students will engage in unique and exciting activities that integrate language arts, math, science, social studies, art, and technology, and which are designed to allow them to identify and solve problems in science, but also to create works of art that have meaning in their lives. Students will reflect on their learning as they apply the engineering design process to the projects in which they engage. Thematic units based on the CCSS, the NGSS, and the Visual and Performing Arts Standards for California will be guided by overarching concepts, adding layers of complexity and depth to the learning that takes place at the Pomelo Arts & Sciences Magnet.