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Enrollment @ Pomelo

If you live within our residential boundaries, simply enroll in the Pomelo Community Charter School before the school year begins, or anytime you're ready to attend.  If you don't live within our residential boundaries, you may still apply to our lottery by visiting CHOICES and selecting "Affiliated Charter Schools."  On-time applications will be accepted between Oct. 3- Nov. 18, 2022 for the 2023-2024 school year.  If you miss this application window, you can apply "late" starting on February 1st, 2023.  In 2021-2022, Pomelo CCS became a School for Advanced Studies due to our exemplary gifted and talented educational program!   Whether or not you live within our boundaries, you may also apply for our new Arts & Sciences Magnet program, currently in its 3rd  year of operation.  Read on for more info...

How do I know if I live within Pomelo's boundaries?

Just click on the button below and enter your address. The program will tell you if Pomelo CCS is your school of residence.  

Enrollment for 2023-2024

Pomelo offers several choices for enrollment for both residents and non-residents. 

Pomelo Community Charter School

Residents are guaranteed a spot in the Pomelo Community Charter School, and are eligible to apply to the Pomelo Arts & Sciences Magnet Center as well. 

Non-residents are eligible to apply via lottery to Pomelo CCS, and may also apply to the magnet program. 

To apply to Pomelo CCS via lottery (or to our magnet program) just visit from 10/3/2022 to 11/18/2022. 

Late applications can be submitted beginning on February 1, 2023.  Please know that Pomelo CCS became a School for Advanced Studies in 2021/2022 thanks to our exemplary gifted and talented educational program.  Way to go, Pomelo!

Pomelo Arts & Science Magnet

We are excited to have opened the Arts & Sciences Magnet program in August 2020. It serves grades 1st through 5th. All students are admitted via lottery.  Please apply through the EChoices Magnet program here.  See our Magnet page for more information.

School for Advanced Study (SAS)

Beginning in 2021-2022, Pomelo CCS became a SAS demonstration site, and will maintain this status for a minimum of five years.  Gifted and talented students who attend Pomelo CCS will automatically participate.  Non-residents may apply through our lottery process, under "Affiliated Charter Schools" at

Pomelo Arts & sciences magnet


          Please join us for a school tour on the following dates:

                                  Friday, Feb. 10  @  8:30  

                                  Friday, Mar. 3   @ 8:30          

                                  Friday,  Apr. 14 @ 8:30  

                  All tours are in person and are for adults only.      


2023-24 UPDATE

Magnet & non-resident charter student applications are currently being accepted until November 18,2022 through the Unified Enrollment website.

Selected students will be notified on approximately March 2023 and will have until mid-April to make your selections.

Wait-list students will be contacted directly by the school after that if openings occur.